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Sustainability reporting & assurance

CEC is here to help you write and share your story, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. We will assist you in turning your sustainability journey into a learning process by working with you to develop your Sustainability report, supporting you with future reports and identifying pathways to disclose your progress and performance in an engaging way.

  • Materiality Assessment: identification of the most crucial material topics for your business

  • Compliance with reporting frameworks: selection of the most appropriate reporting frameworks, including: GRI, UN Global Compact, CDP, ISO26000, IIRC and UN SDGs

  • Data collection: collection of the necessary data for the report

  • Sustainability report content development: writing a well-composed report and communicating it effectively.

  • AA1000 assurance provider in Saudi Arabia

We will guide you through the following areas:


and oversight

Relevance &


Defining scope of work

Data collection & Analysis

Curating sustainability report for the client


Choosing the right sustainability reporting standards

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